If you’re in the market for the highest quality detail available in the area, the Perfection Paint Correction service is the right choice for all discerning owners that want the very best detail possible. This level of detailing utilizes the best products and techniques available in the industry. Combined with years over training, an advanced level of detailing, and professional craftsmanship, this package is sure to meet your highest expectations.

We have the right level of paint correction for your vehicle and your budget. So, whether you’re preparing your prized possession for a show, or just want to unlock its true potential, the Perfection Paint Correction Service is the way to go. You don’t need to be the owner of an exotic, classic, ultra luxury, weekend toy, or show vehicle to take advantage of our highest quality detailing service.

Every Perfection Paint Correction detail begins with a full evaluation of your vehicle’s finish. This step is performed so that we can establish a customized full paint correction recovery plan for your vehicle’s exterior surfaces. All exterior issues, which may involve swirl marks, holograms, water marks, bird/sap stains, scratches, and micro-marring will be assessed and removed from your vehicle. Our exterior processes; which includes multiple stage wet sanding, compounding, and polishing,

are utilized with meticulous attention to detail to ensure the most reflective gloss possible. We then apply a layer of paint sealant or protective coating to protect and extend the life of the shine. You will be simply amazed.

Next it’s on to your vehicle’s interior. Even the hardest to reach dirt and grime are simply no match for the level of detailing in this package. Our comprehensive process ensures that every surface will be cleaned and treated; including every single crack and crevice. We utilize the highest quality cleaning and treatment products available. The leather will be deep cleaned and conditioned, leaving nothing behind but a tasteful and natural matte finish.

Our Perfection Paint Correction Detail is quite simply the highest quality and most complete detailing package available in the area. Our customized 60 point inspection ensures that no surface is left untouched.

Give this package a try and experience detailing perfection.